BSB is a free service dedicated to promoting and encouraging excellence in customer service.

The business displaying this symbol has dedicated itself to outstanding customer service.

This business is disappointed and dismayed by the general state of customer service exhibited worldwide by companies and corporations in most business sectors. Customer service has generally deteriorated as fast as technology has advanced.

This business pledges to do everything within its power to treat its customers with dignity and respect and to respond to every reasonable request with all possible speed and focus.

Please report any business displaying this symbol that does not live up to the outstanding customer service pledge here.

Please contribute to our reality archives by telling your story of either excellent NOTE-worthy customer service or poor NOT-worthy customer service. No company or individual names please. All submissions will be anonymous and your privacy/identity will be protected.


If your business would like to pledge itself to excellence in customer service, and to proudly display the Better Service Business™ Symbol on your web site, CD-Roms and printed material or mention it in any of your broadcast advertising, you may do so by downloading the image from this page.

The only requirements are that the logo always be displayed in its complete form and that when used on a web site or CD-Rom the logo be linked to the web site. Better Service Business reserves the right to disallow the use of this logo/symbol to any business or individual that violates its pledge to provide outstanding customer service.




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